Financial Technology for the AI Future
Navigate the future of finance with Lean Financial Solutions. Our expertise in digital finance and AI technologies transforms obstacles into stepping stones for your business success.

Tailoring Tomorrow's Financial Solutions

Lean Financial Solutions is a boutique consulting firm anchored in cutting-edge research, with specializations in Digital Finance, Quantitative Expertise, and Textual Intelligence. Our primary objective is to optimize and modernize financial processes of our clients, propelling them into the AI-enhanced future.

Our team combines deep experience from leading financial institutions with a strong academic background, including credentials from renowned global institutions. The unique blend of financial insight, technological understanding, and quantitative expertise positions Lean Financial Solutions to formulate and execute bespoke implementation strategies.

With a client-centric approach, we delve deep into the distinct requirements of each client, ensuring solutions that align perfectly with their specific needs. By customizing our approach, we ensure the seamless integration of advanced analytics and AI into their processes, positioning them at the forefront of the financial sector.


Our Clients

Partnering with industry leaders across various financial sectors.

Asset and Wealth Managers

Private Equity Firms

Hedge Funds

Real Estate Funds



"As a fund of funds manager, LFS’s AI-driven data extraction, standardization, and analysis tools have been a game-changer. It has significantly streamlined our data analysis process, allowing us to make more informed, timely investment decisions with ease."

Fund Manager, Zurich

"The reporting of our funds has been transformed with LFS’s API solutions. The automated, tailored, and visually impressive PDF reports have elevated our client service experience, making data accessibility, presentation, and engagement seamless and efficient."

Asset Manager, Zurich

the core team members of



Santiago Walliser


Expertise in quantitative and fundamental portfolio managementProficient in AI and NLP techniques for alternative data analysis

Lars Stauffenegger


Entrepreneur with expertise in sustainable finance, developing SaaS for portfolio monitoring and optimization

Consulting Services

Where deep technology meets today’s finance: Explore our comprehensive consulting services.

Digital Finance

Our Custom-Fit Technological Solutions Redefine Your Financial Operations.

Delve into the backbone of AI-driven financial innovation with our Digital Finance proficiency. Through our solutions, rooted in cloud-based adaptations and advanced data management, we lay the foundational infrastructure for AI innovation and diverse digital initiatives. We develop robust scalable digital platforms, integrating APIs and comprehensive data lakes, while crafting user-centric designs and analytics dashboards to enhance your decision-making and operational efficiency for transformative growth.

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Quant Expertise

Our Cutting-Edge Quantitative Finance Solutions Drive Your Success.

Explore our Quant Expertise, where advanced analytics intersect with strategic financial foresight. We specialize in developing customized financial solutions, from risk management to portfolio optimization. Incorporating alternative data paralleled by advanced investment signal generation, we elevate your underlying investment processes, while ensuring your human expertise remains integral. Empowering progress, our AI-driven quant approach unlocks key insights, driving strategic success.

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Textual Intelligence

Our AI-Driven Text Insight Solutions Redefine Your Market Strategies.

Discover the power of Textual Intelligence in extracting valuable insights from vast amounts of unstructured data. Our approach combines state-of-the-art technology with deep industry knowledge, enabling you to unlock the full potential of textual information. Whether extracting insights from your own textual sources, examining market trends through news, reports, and patents, or implementing sophisticated AI language models, our solutions drive market leadership.

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