About us

What Drives Us and How We Partner With You

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering top-tier services and development opportunities for our customers and employees, driving growth and value through innovative, AI-enhanced financial solutions.

Our Values

Visionary Foresight

Embracing change, we lead with agility and an open mind. Our foresight in anticipating future trends ensures our clients always stay ahead in a dynamic financial landscape.

Excellence Integrity

We prioritize fairness and quality. Upholding these values, we build trust and maintain a reputation for excellence and transparency in all our dealings.

Client-Centric Innovation

Innovation is our core. Committed to creating AI-enhanced, tailor-made solutions, we focus on aligning with each client's distinct needs for their ultimate success.

Accountable Collaboration

Teamwork drives us. Our exceptional team, characterized by self-initiative and discipline, collaborates to achieve groundbreaking results with a shared sense of responsibility.

Continuous Expertise

Growth is continuous. Our commitment to ongoing learning and innovation is fueled by our team's diverse expertise, enhancing our services and approaches consistently.

Why You Should Partner with Us

Our success stems from our expert team, blending deep knowledge of financial processes with advanced IT expertise and a strong foundation in quantitative finance, powered by cutting-edge AI.

Academic Excellence

Grounded in a Solid Foundation of Cutting-Edge Research

Our team includes members who have studied at some of the world's leading universities, such as Harvard University, ETH Zurich, University of St. Gallen, and University of Zurich, providing us with a solid grounding in the latest research advancements.

Adaptive Synergies

Empowered by a Fusion of Deep Fnancial and Technological Expertise

Our management team has more than +20 years extensive experience at the intersection of finance and technology, bringing a wealth of knowledge to innovate and integrate financial solutions.

Aligned Solutions

Delivering Tailored Services with a Client-First Approach

Our project methodology prioritizes a client-first approach, ensuring solutions are highly tailored yet efficient, minimizing time investment while maximizing outcome for our clients.

How We Partner with You


The initial introductory phase is offered at no cost. It is your chance to get to know us and how we can help you, with no obligation.



Subsequently, we conduct a remunerated, non-binding workshop for a detailed assessment, delving deeper into your specific challenges and requirements.


Project Execution

In the main phase we bring your project to life. It is a formal, remunerated engagement, typically running for 3-12 months with clear milestones.



After project completion, we provide a custom license agreement and a maintenance contract tailored to support and optimize your solution.


Beyond these phases, we adapt our approach to suit your immediate and long-term needs.

Solution Development Approaches: Whether it is quick tactical solutions for immediate issues or advanced strategic solutions for long-term objectives, we tailor our development approach to fit what you need.

Innovative Research Methodology: When undertaking cutting-edge research, we engage in well-structured Proof-of-Concept projects to efficiently validate new ideas and approaches, ensuring they are the right fit for you.

Are You Ready to Take Your Financial Operations to the Next Level?

Reach out to us now and discover how we can assist in elevating your financial operations. Let's discuss tailored use cases and innovative solutions designed to achieve your organizational goals.

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Lean Financial Solutions GmbH
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Why to choose Lean Financial Solutions

Our expert team brings a unique perspective, combining deep knowledge of financial business processes with expertise in IT and a strong academic foundation in quantitative finance.


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